Trisha Thompson Adams


My name is Trisha -- I'm an artist living with my husband and cats (Rina and Sevro) in a woodsy bungalow in Oklahoma City. I grew up in Oklahoma spending most of my childhood running around barefoot, painting, and staring at stars. 

I'm inspired by things that are full of life and full of death. My paintings focus on the harmony between humans and animals embodied by nature itself. Many pieces intwine flora with anatomy as well as other earthly and celestial elements. I'm continually exploring the depths of life, death, and rebirth. My works are painted with a feminine and delicate nature, softening how we typically view anatomical/medical art.

I've been painting since I could pick up a brush, and I primarily work with oil paint as I love the fluidity and ability to add soft layers. Each layer brings with it new depth, life, and mistakes, which results in this new creation that has so much energy to it. It's the reason I love painting so much.

Other things about me:

I spent a chunk of my 20s living all over Texas and cherish the time spent there. It's where my husband and I got our first apartment, where we added Rina to our family, and where I began my art business. Texas holds a very special place in my heart. 

My cat Carina is named after the nebula, and Sevro is named after a character in Red Rising (my husband and I are obsessed with space and sci-fi).

I started painting anatomy pieces while my husband was in grad school. Through helping him study, I fell in love with the way the inside of our bodies looked and have been painting anatomy inspired works since. 

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