Trisha Thompson Adams

My name is Trisha -- I'm an artist living with her husband and cat in a woodsy bungalow in Oklahoma City. I grew up in Oklahoma spending most of my childhood running around barefoot, painting, and staring at stars. I've spent a portion of my 20s living in Galveston, Austin, and Fort Worth, and consider Texas my second home. 

I'm inspired by things that are full of life and full of death. A large portion of my works focus on the harmony between humans/animals with nature, often intwining flora with the human body and other earthly and celestial elements. I'm continually exploring the depths of life, death, and rebirth.

Many of my paintings contain galaxies, bones, botanicals, and images inspired by symbols found in mythology. When I'm not painting I'm recording my strange dreams, playing with my cat, Carina, stargazing, and being barefoot outside.

MAIL / trishathompsonart {at}