Witchy Wishlist

Some lovely dark items I've been coveting lately.

This impeccably tangled herkimer quartz diamond crochet necklace by PetiteMortShop

Moths, flowers, and eyeballs…I mean, it's made for me. Death's Head Hawk Moth Totem - Art Print on Vellum by Songdancedesign

This modern black geo cuff by ArchetypeZ

Ice Goddess status. Shards Crystal Ring - Raw White Crystal Points by ChristinaRoseJewelry

This girl makes the coolest wooden shelves for crystal and mineral collections. I've pretty much been wanting one of these forever. Original Mountain Shelf by StoneandViolet 

This dark and lovely print by LeslieAnnODell 

I want to wear this ring for all eternity. Belonging to the Darkness Moonstone Ring by BloodMilk