new year

I'm no good with resolutions, but I do like to write goals down in my sketchbook (and my Wunderlist app) to keep me on track of all the insane amount of things I want to do. I had a post awhile ago about things I wanted to do when I turned 27. This included things like camping, stargazing, studying other planets, learning to identify plants, skinny-dip, etc. I think I've done maybe half the list, but hey, between a few moves and living with someone in grad school it's pretty difficult to do things as simple as camping. But nonetheless, I'm very pro-list and like having a visual to check in on. So to add to my list of goals with no particular timeline in mind, here's some new things I'm interested in!

- Explore Hamilton pool

- Campout in hill country

- Apply to more retail shops

- Learn about alchemy 

- Sketch/paint outside

- Learn more about ancient Egypt

- Learn more about the stars

- Catch up on Game of Thrones books

- Watch the X-Files (I've had a crush on David Duchovny since I was 13)

- More bike rides

- Eat foods I can't pronounce 

- More sunrises/sunsets

- Sleep in a treehouse

- Eat outside

- Visit Arizona & Utah

- Continue watching documentaries 

- Stand behind a waterfall

There's more, but if I added all of them it would probably be incredibly boring and super long. ;) Hope you all are having a lovely new year! It's fun to start writing 2015 on new paintings. This year will be crazy but I'm kind of excited about it.