mini vacay

Currently in Oklahoma City for a bit on a mini vacation. It's kind of hot, but also kind of nice. I have a lot of love for this city. And for some reason the sunsets seem much more vibrant than the sunsets in Galveston. But anyway, this is just a quick post, so here's some pics from my phone:

^ The Womb Gallery in Auto Alley. 

Crepes & cupcakes at Sara Sara.

^ Celebrating our 10th anniversary (3 years married) !! We started dating as teens. We're old as dirt now. 

^ View of downtown (insert that emoji with the hand gesture that basically means "nice").

^ Quick trip to Tulsa for twin time and checking out Andolinis

I still have my shop open, but with a limited amount of prints. I'll be reactivating a ton of things when I get back to Galveston. I'm thinking about having a huge watercolor sale around Labor Day, so, stay tuned for that. Hope you all have a lovely week! <3

Floral Cemetery

The other day we decided to check out the May flowers over at Old City Cemetery. It was on my list of things to do in Galveston before we move (we missed it last year!). Every spring this graveyard blooms with pretty yellow flowers and I just love the way it looks against the washed out white & grey tombstones. We were walking through trying to find the oldest tombstone, which I think was 1860. I'm sure there's older ones in there. Have to say though, we were a little distracted by a couple taking raunchy photos ON TOP on people's tombstones. People are weird.

It's a pretty lovely cemetery. There's old tombstones, new ones, cracked ones, ornate mausoleums, and simple gravestones. There's a few with interesting stories (and some with secret stories I suppose). 

Museum Visit

So last weekend we took a little trip to Houston for the day and I finally got to check out the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. So ecstatic, I've wanted to see this place for so long. Plus we got in free since it was the first of the month (thanks Bank of America). 


^^This place is huge. Literally. We walked around for hours and I think we still missed a ton of stuff (I've been going through the MFAH hashtag on Instagram and I'm seeing amazing things I completely missed). Fun fact: I have a minor in Art History so every time I go to a museum I like to test my skills on remembering things. I'm pretty rusty, but some things were familiar and then I go on spouting all the random facts I know about the artist, etc. But like I said…rusty. I kept all my art history books from university, and being at the museum made me really want to go back and reread those babies. Also, the museum had gorgeous Indian and Japanese sections with old sculptures, jewelry, pottery. I'm so intrigued, and I want to incorporate parts of those cultures with future pieces. 


^^I might have squealed when I saw this piece. I've been in love with this painting for years and had no idea it was in Houston! Ah, life is funny.


^^I saw my first Van Gogh. I SAW MY FIRST VAN GOGH. Completely surreal moment. His work is something you truly have to see in person because that TEXTURE IS AMAZING. See it!? It's so thick and buttery. I love it. 


^^Yay for old paintings of insects, animals, and weird things. <3


^^I saw this couple and I couldn't help but snap a photo. :)

Oh, there was also this James Turrell light tunnel that was so awesome, I just wanted to run up and down it (but the male employee was eyeing me funny). If you have a chance, you should check this museum out. I'm actually kind of surprised at all the amazing art that can be found in Texas (Dallas and Fort Worth have some beauties). But anyway, it's been raining all week and I've been working on my secret project. Photos soon! Have a lovely week!

Holidays +

The whole month of December went by crazy fast, and maybe that's because we were nonstop busy the whole time.  It was a good kind of busy and probably one of the best holidays I've had in awhile.  We road-tripped to Oklahoma City to see family as well as spend a good amount of time re-exploring my old hometown since it's been awhile since we've lived there.  I think the last time we lived in OKC was before the Devon tower went up and before the Thunder team existed.  So yeah, it's been awhile.

Here's a quick recap of December.


^^ Our little Christmas tree in Galveston. <3


^^ Exploring downtown OKC.


^^ Icy trees at Martin Nature Park from an ice storm that hit while we were there.  It felt like walking through Narnia. 


^^ The best waffles from Waffle Champion in Midtown.  By the way, Midtown is quickly stealing my heart. 


^^ The coolest igloo pop up shops in Midtown.  


^^ Inside the Shopgood pop up shop.  I wanted to take everything home with me. 


^^ Two little stores that caught my eye… Perch'd on 9th Street and The Salvage Room in the Plaza District.  


^^ Huge art installation at OKCMOA by Lisa Hoke.


^^ Pretty lights in the Paseo District. 

December was a good month.  Also wanted to say thank you to everyone who ordered something from the shop over the holidays, you guys make me happy. :)  And happy new year to you all, hoping 2014 will be a good one… lots of exciting things happening art/life-wise.  Stay tuned. ;)

C A L I F O R N I A : Part III

The last post of our San Diego journey is dedicated to….(drumroll)…the beaches!  We scoped out La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and Windansea.  San Diego has beautiful beaches, there's no denying.  The water is clear up close and a beautiful turquoise farther away.  It's also super chilly, so we didn't go too far in.  But nonetheless, it was gorgeous and nice to lay in the warm sand. 


^^ Gorgeous view of La Jolla from the top of Mount Soledad.  


^^The palm trees on the west coast are much, much taller than the palm trees I'm used to in the gulf.   

^^We had the most amazing brunch at The Cottage in La Jolla.   It was wayyy too much food for two people, but man that stuffed french toast is out of this world. :)


^^La Jolla is a gem…the water, the sand, the view, the plants…everything is lovely.  We walked around till our feet hurt looking at galleries, grabbing bites to eat, and doing some light shopping.  I say light because I seriously cannot afford anything in La Jolla.  For real, though... 


^^ Pacific Beach was probably my favorite beach in SD.  That water!  I felt more comfortable here…it has a homey feel.  PB is very chill and it was easy for us to feel comfortable here.


^^ On our last day in SD we spent a little bit of time at Windansea Beach in La Jolla.  We weren't there long, but it was very peaceful in the morning and there weren't too many people out.  I'd love to go back someday.