mini vacay

Currently in Oklahoma City for a bit on a mini vacation. It's kind of hot, but also kind of nice. I have a lot of love for this city. And for some reason the sunsets seem much more vibrant than the sunsets in Galveston. But anyway, this is just a quick post, so here's some pics from my phone:

^ The Womb Gallery in Auto Alley. 

Crepes & cupcakes at Sara Sara.

^ Celebrating our 10th anniversary (3 years married) !! We started dating as teens. We're old as dirt now. 

^ View of downtown (insert that emoji with the hand gesture that basically means "nice").

^ Quick trip to Tulsa for twin time and checking out Andolinis

I still have my shop open, but with a limited amount of prints. I'll be reactivating a ton of things when I get back to Galveston. I'm thinking about having a huge watercolor sale around Labor Day, so, stay tuned for that. Hope you all have a lovely week! <3

Holidays +

The whole month of December went by crazy fast, and maybe that's because we were nonstop busy the whole time.  It was a good kind of busy and probably one of the best holidays I've had in awhile.  We road-tripped to Oklahoma City to see family as well as spend a good amount of time re-exploring my old hometown since it's been awhile since we've lived there.  I think the last time we lived in OKC was before the Devon tower went up and before the Thunder team existed.  So yeah, it's been awhile.

Here's a quick recap of December.


^^ Our little Christmas tree in Galveston. <3


^^ Exploring downtown OKC.


^^ Icy trees at Martin Nature Park from an ice storm that hit while we were there.  It felt like walking through Narnia. 


^^ The best waffles from Waffle Champion in Midtown.  By the way, Midtown is quickly stealing my heart. 


^^ The coolest igloo pop up shops in Midtown.  


^^ Inside the Shopgood pop up shop.  I wanted to take everything home with me. 


^^ Two little stores that caught my eye… Perch'd on 9th Street and The Salvage Room in the Plaza District.  


^^ Huge art installation at OKCMOA by Lisa Hoke.


^^ Pretty lights in the Paseo District. 

December was a good month.  Also wanted to say thank you to everyone who ordered something from the shop over the holidays, you guys make me happy. :)  And happy new year to you all, hoping 2014 will be a good one… lots of exciting things happening art/life-wise.  Stay tuned. ;)