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CELESTIAL Show - DNA Galleries

Posting this almost two years after the fact, but I wanted to make a post about a show I did back in December of 2015 at one of my favorite galleries in Oklahoma City. I've been selling prints at DNA Galleries for years now and when they asked me to show work in their gallery space I was super excited to participate. 

Some Q's and A's from DNA:

What is your medium/process? 

I paint multiple thin layers of oil paint on wood. There’s a mix of reference photos and freestyle painting. I never really know how something is going to turn out, and I think that’s essential for me when I paint.

Rosette Nebula, oil on board, 2015

Rosette Nebula, oil on board, 2015

Where are you from? 

I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, and graduated from Oklahoma State University. After college, I moved to Texas and lived in Galveston and Austin. I recently moved back to OKC this past summer.

Anaitisa, oil on board, 2015

Anaitisa, oil on board, 2015

How would you describe your latest body of work? 

“Celestial” is a series that focuses on fictional deities that rule other worlds and galaxies. Their names are reminiscent of Greek, Celtic, Persian, and Egyptian goddesses. I wanted to create divine beings that could either be ancient or futuristic.

Nephthysus, oil on board, 2015

Nephthysus, oil on board, 2015

What inspires you?

I’m very much inspired by nature, anatomy, and astronomy. I feel they are very much full of life and full of death. It’s intriguing and beautiful.

Lumina, oil on board, 2015

Lumina, oil on board, 2015

How did you get started?

Like most people, I started painting as a kid. In pre-school, my teacher called my mom to tell her she was worried because I refused to draw stick figures. My mom later told me that I came home that day complaining because “people don’t look like sticks!” I hadn’t yet figured out how to draw a human body. I’ve been infatuated with painting and drawing ever since.

Orion Nebula, oil on board, 2015

Orion Nebula, oil on board, 2015

What are your goals for the future?

I’d love to create life-size round panels of galaxies that invoke an immersive view of space. I’d also love to create a conceptual interpretation of my “Floral Anatomy” series by creating a garden inside of a gallery made completely of flowers and bones.

What advice do you have to artists?

If you put in the time, love, and energy, you will see results. That doesn’t mean every piece will be amazing, but you always have to keep at it to grow as an artist. Try not to put so much stress on yourself and just play around and have fun with your work. Experiment!

Holidays +

The whole month of December went by crazy fast, and maybe that's because we were nonstop busy the whole time.  It was a good kind of busy and probably one of the best holidays I've had in awhile.  We road-tripped to Oklahoma City to see family as well as spend a good amount of time re-exploring my old hometown since it's been awhile since we've lived there.  I think the last time we lived in OKC was before the Devon tower went up and before the Thunder team existed.  So yeah, it's been awhile.

Here's a quick recap of December.


^^ Our little Christmas tree in Galveston. <3


^^ Exploring downtown OKC.


^^ Icy trees at Martin Nature Park from an ice storm that hit while we were there.  It felt like walking through Narnia. 


^^ The best waffles from Waffle Champion in Midtown.  By the way, Midtown is quickly stealing my heart. 


^^ The coolest igloo pop up shops in Midtown.  


^^ Inside the Shopgood pop up shop.  I wanted to take everything home with me. 


^^ Two little stores that caught my eye… Perch'd on 9th Street and The Salvage Room in the Plaza District.  


^^ Huge art installation at OKCMOA by Lisa Hoke.


^^ Pretty lights in the Paseo District. 

December was a good month.  Also wanted to say thank you to everyone who ordered something from the shop over the holidays, you guys make me happy. :)  And happy new year to you all, hoping 2014 will be a good one… lots of exciting things happening art/life-wise.  Stay tuned. ;)