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New Studio, a Siren, and a Nebula Print!

I've been a little MIA lately and that's mostly due to the fact I packed things up and moved to a larger studio. I'm so excited to have more space, light, and the sweetest little balcony. It's still a little too chilly, but I'm really looking forward to bringing my oils outside and painting in the sunshine.

This space is only temporary since we will be moving this summer, but for the moment it's nice to enjoy all the new places we've been able to visit/live. 

Scanned version of one of my sirens. I have several in progress atm, and I can't wait to see how each piece will emerge into it's own being. One of my favorite things about painting is the process of layering. Each layer brings with it new depth, life, and mistakes, which results in this new creation that has so much energy to it. It's the reason I love painting so much.

Also wanted to mention I now have Orion Nebula prints in my shop. I love the crispness and color in these prints; they turned out incredibly lovely. Painting galaxies and nebulae has proven to be a very spiritual and calming experience. 

I'm painting and packing prints in the studio today. Hope you all have a fulfilling and wonderful week!

Prints & Things

Hello! These past few weeks I've been packing prints, framing some originals, and cutting out some more zodiac necklaces. Some of these items are already in the shop or will be soon, so check it out! 

I've also discovered pickle flavored popcorn and it's kind of life changing. Well, life changing enough that I can't buy regular popcorn anymore at the grocery store. So, yeah, it's pretty great. 

^ Carina's favorite window. My desk is almost always a mess, but I always leave a spot open for her to lay down. She likes to sit with me when I work. <3

^ Print packing for early holiday orders. Thank you guys! I love packing orders. I handwrite each one. 

^ Some new babes in the shop: Luna, Floral Anatomy Ribcage, and Moonwings

^ Floral Anatomy Ribcage. I love this one dearly. 

^ One framed Ribcage left in the shop! 

The original Texas Palmistry watercolor is available in this lovely white frame. Also, I'm in love with the light shadows in my studio. <3

^ An ink drawing from last year that I recently got framed. You can get this here

I'll be adding some little watercolors in the shop this week as well as have a sale for Black Friday. Hope you all have a lovely week! <3

Witchy Wishlist

Some lovely dark items I've been coveting lately.

This impeccably tangled herkimer quartz diamond crochet necklace by PetiteMortShop

Moths, flowers, and eyeballs…I mean, it's made for me. Death's Head Hawk Moth Totem - Art Print on Vellum by Songdancedesign

This modern black geo cuff by ArchetypeZ

Ice Goddess status. Shards Crystal Ring - Raw White Crystal Points by ChristinaRoseJewelry

This girl makes the coolest wooden shelves for crystal and mineral collections. I've pretty much been wanting one of these forever. Original Mountain Shelf by StoneandViolet 

This dark and lovely print by LeslieAnnODell 

I want to wear this ring for all eternity. Belonging to the Darkness Moonstone Ring by BloodMilk

this week

hi lovelies, this past week was super short, but i got a little done! i rearranged my studio a bit (new desk top), packed lots of prints, mailed some orders, saw some pretty sunsets, and listened to lots of Lyla Foy on repeat. she rocks.

it's actually been a pretty unproductive week, but i enjoyed it. i'm going to Houston over the weekend and starting some new brass necklaces, hope you all have a lovely weekend. <3