New Skelly & a Birthday

I'm working on a new floral skelly this week; she's a little brighter, darker, and maybe more pink? This one is just for fun. And if you look at the shelf in the background you can see a cute little deer piece I'm working on too. They are sweet sleeping siamese twins. :) Have I mentioned here that I have a twin? We celebrated a birthday last week, so officially 27 over here. Which reminds me I'll update on my 27 things to do before turning 27 in a later post. 

^^ I have a list in my sketchbook of things I want to do before leaving Galveston (moving in a MONTH!). And one of them was to get take out white pizza from a bar thats down the street from our loft. It was ridiculously good. 

^^ For my birthday Micah somehow managed to get our favorite coffee shop to make me a white chocolate key lime pie (an item I was obsessed with that they discontinued). So this is literally the last piece of white chocolate key lime pie ever made by Mod. I feel like Fry in Futurama with his anchovies. 

That's all for now! I'm finishing up my siamese deer this afternoon and hopefully starting a new celestial mermaid in a few days. Have a lovely week!



So I turned 26 the other day.  It's weird being closer to 30 than to 20, but oddly enough I think I'm okay with that.  

I wanted to make a little list of 27 things to do before I turn 27…I've made lists like this in the past and it's fun to just look back and see what was important to you a certain time in your life.  For instance when I did a 25 before 25 I wrote things like: play on a beach at midnight, go to Europe, do a daily art journal, get a tattoo, read more classics, etc.  Never got the tattoo, but the rest I did (although I could read more).  

I don't really plan to have them all checked off, but it will be nice to keep up with them as a goal reminder.  




1. Campout on a beach and watch the sunrise.

2. Stargaze. (So simple yet how often do we really do this? Not enough). 

3. Apply to more juried shows and get into at least two.

4. Experiment more with oil on wood. 

5. Spend an entire weekend without social media.

6.  Watch at least 5 documentaries. 

7.  Be able to identify at least a few trees & plants (knowing the correct names).

8.  Visit at least one new state.

9.  Learn more about other planets. 

10.  Send more handwritten letters and less Facebook messages.  REAL birthday cards.

11.  Go to at least two museums.

12.  Read all of the LOTR books.

13.  Explore more of Houston. 

14.  Explore more of the west end of Galveston.

15.  Sketch/paint outside.

16.  Eat less bread & less sugar. 

17.  Skinnydip.

18.  Paint more portraits.

19.  Actually read the books on my bookshelf. 

20.  Learn more about screen printing.

21.  Learn more about cultures/species and their rituals.

22.  More candid photos.

23.  More home videos.

24.  Expand my shop.

25.  Play in the rain.

26.  Do things for others without expecting anything in return.

27.  Support local shops/restaurants.