celestial mermaids

Lately +

Last weekend we went to watch 4th of July fireworks on the beach. It's been a tradition for the past few years since we've been in Galveston. Sadly, this was our last year and I have no clue where we are even going to be living a year from now. Right now I kind of like that.

I've been working on new paintings and brass jewelry this week (my fingers are sooo callused) and listening to old school No Doubt in the studio. I've been letting Luna dry for a bit and now she's ready for a few twinkling background stars and she's finished! 


^^ Carina checking out the new necklace. hehe.

^^ I've added some limited edition etchings to my shop! These little guys are from a few years ago. Find them here


^^ New prints of Celestial Mermaid and Texas Palmistry will be in the shop next week! I'm so happy with how they turned out. 

I also finished watching Six Feet Under this week. Literally bawled so hard at the finale I couldn't even talk normal. It was completely ridiculous. But if you've seen it you probably know what I mean. Anyway, happy weekend! Hope it is lovely. <3

Lately +

Spring is here and I've been a busy bee. Working on a ton of new little (and big) paintings. Think moths, dark butterflies, galaxies, scarabs, bones, and celestial mermaids. I'm pretty excited. 

^^ Priming things. Sorry for the terrible phone quality. Yuck. 

^^ She has her own window, but she prefers mine for some reason. I think it's because she likes looking at herself in the mirror. She knows she's gorgeous. 

^^ This little guy is dry so I could finally scan him. Prints soon!

^^ Found this black Victorian frame in Houston. Love love love. I need to pick up more.

^^ Found this sweet note in my shop reviews. So lovely. <3

^^ These Elie Saab dresses may or may not have influenced my celestial mermaid paintings I'm currently working on (they did).

Stay tuned for in progress pieces. Oh, I'm also going on a mini trip to OKC in April for family and the arts festival. I love spring. <3