floral skeleton

Prints & Things

Hello! These past few weeks I've been packing prints, framing some originals, and cutting out some more zodiac necklaces. Some of these items are already in the shop or will be soon, so check it out! 

I've also discovered pickle flavored popcorn and it's kind of life changing. Well, life changing enough that I can't buy regular popcorn anymore at the grocery store. So, yeah, it's pretty great. 

^ Carina's favorite window. My desk is almost always a mess, but I always leave a spot open for her to lay down. She likes to sit with me when I work. <3

^ Print packing for early holiday orders. Thank you guys! I love packing orders. I handwrite each one. 

^ Some new babes in the shop: Luna, Floral Anatomy Ribcage, and Moonwings

^ Floral Anatomy Ribcage. I love this one dearly. 

^ One framed Ribcage left in the shop! 

The original Texas Palmistry watercolor is available in this lovely white frame. Also, I'm in love with the light shadows in my studio. <3

^ An ink drawing from last year that I recently got framed. You can get this here

I'll be adding some little watercolors in the shop this week as well as have a sale for Black Friday. Hope you all have a lovely week! <3

New Skelly & a Birthday

I'm working on a new floral skelly this week; she's a little brighter, darker, and maybe more pink? This one is just for fun. And if you look at the shelf in the background you can see a cute little deer piece I'm working on too. They are sweet sleeping siamese twins. :) Have I mentioned here that I have a twin? We celebrated a birthday last week, so officially 27 over here. Which reminds me I'll update on my 27 things to do before turning 27 in a later post. 

^^ I have a list in my sketchbook of things I want to do before leaving Galveston (moving in a MONTH!). And one of them was to get take out white pizza from a bar thats down the street from our loft. It was ridiculously good. 

^^ For my birthday Micah somehow managed to get our favorite coffee shop to make me a white chocolate key lime pie (an item I was obsessed with that they discontinued). So this is literally the last piece of white chocolate key lime pie ever made by Mod. I feel like Fry in Futurama with his anchovies. 

That's all for now! I'm finishing up my siamese deer this afternoon and hopefully starting a new celestial mermaid in a few days. Have a lovely week!

Lately +

Spring is here and I've been a busy bee. Working on a ton of new little (and big) paintings. Think moths, dark butterflies, galaxies, scarabs, bones, and celestial mermaids. I'm pretty excited. 

^^ Priming things. Sorry for the terrible phone quality. Yuck. 

^^ She has her own window, but she prefers mine for some reason. I think it's because she likes looking at herself in the mirror. She knows she's gorgeous. 

^^ This little guy is dry so I could finally scan him. Prints soon!

^^ Found this black Victorian frame in Houston. Love love love. I need to pick up more.

^^ Found this sweet note in my shop reviews. So lovely. <3

^^ These Elie Saab dresses may or may not have influenced my celestial mermaid paintings I'm currently working on (they did).

Stay tuned for in progress pieces. Oh, I'm also going on a mini trip to OKC in April for family and the arts festival. I love spring. <3