Lately +

Last weekend we went to watch 4th of July fireworks on the beach. It's been a tradition for the past few years since we've been in Galveston. Sadly, this was our last year and I have no clue where we are even going to be living a year from now. Right now I kind of like that.

I've been working on new paintings and brass jewelry this week (my fingers are sooo callused) and listening to old school No Doubt in the studio. I've been letting Luna dry for a bit and now she's ready for a few twinkling background stars and she's finished! 


^^ Carina checking out the new necklace. hehe.

^^ I've added some limited edition etchings to my shop! These little guys are from a few years ago. Find them here


^^ New prints of Celestial Mermaid and Texas Palmistry will be in the shop next week! I'm so happy with how they turned out. 

I also finished watching Six Feet Under this week. Literally bawled so hard at the finale I couldn't even talk normal. It was completely ridiculous. But if you've seen it you probably know what I mean. Anyway, happy weekend! Hope it is lovely. <3

Friday I'm in Love

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone had a good week.  It seemed to go by super fast and I still have a million ideas swimming in my head that I need to do.  I woke up this morning to freezing weather on this little island, crazy.  Living on the gulf has made me a wimp when it comes to cold weather.  That might change soon, but who knows.  


^^In progress skull painting for my Rituals & Omens series.  I can't decide if I want him purely black and white or possibly a mix of muted tones.  Decisions….


^^Getting cold and stormy over here.  I love foggy windows though. 


^^Oh, and I'm working on a new project that I'm pretty excited about.  Learning a new medium is hard I gotta say, but incredibly rewarding.  Hint: it involves astronomy.  Does that give anything away?  I don't know.  But stay tuned for more updates!