Insects, Galaxies, and Prints!

Hello! These past few weeks have kind of been a blur. I've been sick lately and it doesn't seem to be passing which is quite frustrating. Ugh. But anyway, I have so many tiny pieces I've been working on lately and I love them dearly. 

^^ A little galaxy scarab! I've been obsessed with scarabs, beetles, moths, and butterflies lately. 

^^ Speaking of moths I have this lady in the works with a lunar moth on her eye. More celestial musings to come!

^^ Some spring cleaning. I'm a terrible person and leave my brushes sitting in solvent forever so I finally got around to giving them a good clean. That and wiping cat hair off all my paint tubes.

^^ Milky Way prints are now in the shop! I really love the colors. Eeee. You can get them here

^^ Omen is also in the shop. Love this little guy. Comes in 5x5 or 8x8 inches.

^^ She's my little print inspector! Ha. Well back to the studio, hope you all have a lovely week. <3

New Things +

I love skulls. Is that obvious yet? Ha. Here's my newest little guy (first painting of 2014!). I'm not sure what to name him. He's part of my Rituals + Omens series, but I kind of want to name him Omen (like the watercolor one). I don't know. I'll think on it.


I have new pretties coming to the shop soon. I've been working with brass lately (something I haven't done since college) but it feels good to get back into it. And I've been sketching pages and pages of new ideas. Excited! 

Also, you can see my little Floral Anatomy Heart featured over on prudent baby

Friday I'm in Love

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone had a good week.  It seemed to go by super fast and I still have a million ideas swimming in my head that I need to do.  I woke up this morning to freezing weather on this little island, crazy.  Living on the gulf has made me a wimp when it comes to cold weather.  That might change soon, but who knows.  


^^In progress skull painting for my Rituals & Omens series.  I can't decide if I want him purely black and white or possibly a mix of muted tones.  Decisions….


^^Getting cold and stormy over here.  I love foggy windows though. 


^^Oh, and I'm working on a new project that I'm pretty excited about.  Learning a new medium is hard I gotta say, but incredibly rewarding.  Hint: it involves astronomy.  Does that give anything away?  I don't know.  But stay tuned for more updates!