One of my favorite paintings I've made recently is this floral uterus piece from early March. I wanted to use flowers that enhanced the natural look of a real uterus with an iris as the womb and vagina, and Queen Anne's lace as the ovaries. I love this piece so much and during my research for floral inspiration I ended up with so many amazing reference photos that I hope to paint a few more variations of this. Hope you all love! I have the original painting on display at Current Studio for their Nasty Women exhibit and you can find prints in my etsy shop here

All Hallows Eve


Happy Halloween!  It's been raining (and flooding) all morning in Galveston.  Besides the flooding part it's been quite nice.  The sound of raindrops on my window, the overcast light, and the smell of candles has been making my day.  I  finished my moon earlier and plan on working on my milky way the rest of the afternoon.  There's also a little wolf painting on the way!  Hope you all have a lovely Halloween evening, I'm excited for November. :)

Lately +


I'm currently in that art mode where you have so many ideas you don't know where to begin.  Maybe this is a good problem to have, but it still feels daunting not knowing where to start.  I have plenty of sketches and pieces sort of mapped out in my mind, but I've been very hesitant to start putting these ideas on canvas... I feel like I need some sort of push to get me going. 

I've also been extremely stressed with trying to get smaller works ready for the holiday season as well as preparing for a few commissions.  I'm hoping to knock some of this out over the weekend because it's building up fast and my nerves can't handle it. 

Watercolors +

Some recent watercolors from the past week! Enjoy :) 


A quick watercolor of some lovely deer I painted last week. <3 I'm planning on making this into a card.  


Happiness is a Sprinkle Doughnut, Part II (first one here) . I love doughnuts so so much. Crazy obsession, in fact. So naturally, I have to paint them! I recently added this one to the shop


This is a custom piece I worked on for a client who plans on getting it made into a tattoo. I really loved working on this piece and I love when client's put faith in you to just do your thing! It's amazing.  

Happy weekend! :)


Insta-Love: Life lately, according to Instagram

Some snapshots from my iPhone from the past few weeks.  Lately I've been obsessed with painting constellations and sleeping animals, although this is an ongoing obsession.  

The sun has also been out and it feels lovely, especially through my studio windows.  I could do without the insane Galveston humidity… you walk outside and it's like being in a sauna. Ugh.

My plants have been blooming (and dying).  I'll need to make another trip to Tom's Thumb. I'm in the mood for succulents this time around. 

If you haven't been watching the news, there was a tornado that hit my hometown, Oklahoma City on May 20.  It was really hard to watch the news without getting emotional.  Luckily all my friends and family were safe, but others were not so lucky.  Donate to if you can!  Wishing everyone there a speedy recovery.