siamese deer

New Skelly & a Birthday

I'm working on a new floral skelly this week; she's a little brighter, darker, and maybe more pink? This one is just for fun. And if you look at the shelf in the background you can see a cute little deer piece I'm working on too. They are sweet sleeping siamese twins. :) Have I mentioned here that I have a twin? We celebrated a birthday last week, so officially 27 over here. Which reminds me I'll update on my 27 things to do before turning 27 in a later post. 

^^ I have a list in my sketchbook of things I want to do before leaving Galveston (moving in a MONTH!). And one of them was to get take out white pizza from a bar thats down the street from our loft. It was ridiculously good. 

^^ For my birthday Micah somehow managed to get our favorite coffee shop to make me a white chocolate key lime pie (an item I was obsessed with that they discontinued). So this is literally the last piece of white chocolate key lime pie ever made by Mod. I feel like Fry in Futurama with his anchovies. 

That's all for now! I'm finishing up my siamese deer this afternoon and hopefully starting a new celestial mermaid in a few days. Have a lovely week!