Lately +

As some of you know, I'm originally from Oklahoma and currently living in Texas. I really really like Texas. I also really love Oklahoma (specifically OKC). I'm constantly torn on the issue of where I want to live, but right now Texas feels good. I'll be living in Austin for a bit in the Fall, which I'm very much looking forward to. Maybe OKC in the future, but I honestly can't decide, so I'm deciding to not think about it. Sometimes I drift more towards the idea of owning very few items and just moving from city to city every few months. Essentially, this is what I'll be doing next Fall for about 9 months, 3 cities. I guess I'll find out then whether I like moving around or not ;)

^^ Onto studio things, I have new prints in the shop this week! New prints of Ghost Cat and White Moth come in 5x5 or 8x8 inches. They're cute little creatures. 


^^ My studio lately. Every spring my palette gets a little bit more colorful. It's kind of nice. 


^^ These little guys just got shipped off to Seattle for a show at Twilight Gallery. I don't think I've mentioned here my obsession with the PNW. Or maybe I have? Either way, it's on the top of my list of places to visit (along with Marfa & NOLA…so random I know). A little road trip along the Washington and Oregon coast would be a dream. I also wouldn't mind crossing the border to visit Vancouver and Victoria. 

Speaking of Victoria I picked up this pretty white Victoria(n) frame in Houston (remember the black version here). This one is also in the shop

I'm still working on Luna and she's almost done! I've been fussing with her hair and driving myself crazy for a day or two (all good now). After that I'll have more large pieces of celestial ladies in the works as well as some smaller black butterflies and moths. And I need to make more necklaces too. 

Have a great weekend! <3

Skulls +


I've been painting a lot of skulls lately (can you tell?!).  I suppose I've always had a bone obsession ever since my dad (who's a bit of an eccentric) would collect animal skulls, femurs, feet, etc.  He finds the coolest things at flea markets in Oklahoma.  One day I told him of this dream I had involving piranha, and about a week later he surprised me with a piranha skeleton that he picked up at a sale.  So like I said, this bone obsession runs in the family.  Expect some more bone paintings in the future, I have a few more skulls to paint and there's a floral skeleton hand in the works. ;)

 (All images painted by me, Trisha.  The first and last one are watercolor, and the middle one is in oil.  The middle is also available for prints here.)