Mermaids, Ghost Cats, and Prints!

Ok, so I've been painting a lot of portraits lately, and I'm not used to painting portraits. As far as portrait paintings go I've painted maybe 3 faces in my life (with oils). Painting faces freaks me out a bit because it's so…I dunno…specific. But whatever, I'm just going with it. I had this idea to paint celestial mermaids…these goddess creatures who are gorgeous but could also fuck you up. Luna (girl with the blue hair) is a night goddess. I kind of love her. More ladies to come! Think dark hair, dark flowers, ravens, galaxies, etc. Who knows, I might throw in something completely random. And maybe they're not even mermaids, maybe they're sirens. I can't decide. Or both? I'm just going with it. 

^^ Kitty bath. 

^^ From my sketchbook… I'm sketching more! (yay). This is Ghost Cat Explores a Crystal Cave. Maybe he'll go on other adventures too.

^^ New little guy, Wolf Mountain.

^^ I've got Scarab and Wolf Mountain prints up in the shoppity shop. These fellas come in 5x5 or 8x8 inches. <3

Off to go do more painting! 

Insta-Love: Life lately, according to Instagram

Some snapshots from my iPhone from the past few weeks.  Lately I've been obsessed with painting constellations and sleeping animals, although this is an ongoing obsession.  

The sun has also been out and it feels lovely, especially through my studio windows.  I could do without the insane Galveston humidity… you walk outside and it's like being in a sauna. Ugh.

My plants have been blooming (and dying).  I'll need to make another trip to Tom's Thumb. I'm in the mood for succulents this time around. 

If you haven't been watching the news, there was a tornado that hit my hometown, Oklahoma City on May 20.  It was really hard to watch the news without getting emotional.  Luckily all my friends and family were safe, but others were not so lucky.  Donate to if you can!  Wishing everyone there a speedy recovery.