Skulls +


I've been painting a lot of skulls lately (can you tell?!).  I suppose I've always had a bone obsession ever since my dad (who's a bit of an eccentric) would collect animal skulls, femurs, feet, etc.  He finds the coolest things at flea markets in Oklahoma.  One day I told him of this dream I had involving piranha, and about a week later he surprised me with a piranha skeleton that he picked up at a sale.  So like I said, this bone obsession runs in the family.  Expect some more bone paintings in the future, I have a few more skulls to paint and there's a floral skeleton hand in the works. ;)

 (All images painted by me, Trisha.  The first and last one are watercolor, and the middle one is in oil.  The middle is also available for prints here.)