Dreams & Things

I've had some pretty vivid dreams lately. Two of these include my cat running away, and another where I found a secret cave inside my tooth. Weird. I think my dreams get weirder and more vivid when I'm cold and/or stressed. In college I based my senior project on weird dreams I was having at the time. Perhaps I need to brush up on symbols and meanings within dreams; I'm pretty fascinated with this stuff. 

In other news, the holidays are coming up and I'll be visiting my sweet city of OKC soon. I'll keep most items available in the shop during my vacay, including these little original watercolors from my 366 Sketchbook project. Most of the pieces from this series is sold out, but I have a handful left! 

And of course, you can find prints and other things in my shop. Hope you all have a lovely holiday! I've been enjoying them so far in Austin, and I'm excited to continue celebrating in my hometown (OKC) soon. 

Prints & Things

Hello! These past few weeks I've been packing prints, framing some originals, and cutting out some more zodiac necklaces. Some of these items are already in the shop or will be soon, so check it out! 

I've also discovered pickle flavored popcorn and it's kind of life changing. Well, life changing enough that I can't buy regular popcorn anymore at the grocery store. So, yeah, it's pretty great. 

^ Carina's favorite window. My desk is almost always a mess, but I always leave a spot open for her to lay down. She likes to sit with me when I work. <3

^ Print packing for early holiday orders. Thank you guys! I love packing orders. I handwrite each one. 

^ Some new babes in the shop: Luna, Floral Anatomy Ribcage, and Moonwings

^ Floral Anatomy Ribcage. I love this one dearly. 

^ One framed Ribcage left in the shop! 

The original Texas Palmistry watercolor is available in this lovely white frame. Also, I'm in love with the light shadows in my studio. <3

^ An ink drawing from last year that I recently got framed. You can get this here

I'll be adding some little watercolors in the shop this week as well as have a sale for Black Friday. Hope you all have a lovely week! <3


One of my most recent watercolors, Parthenope.  


 ^^ freckle details. 


I haven't painted portraits in years, and Parthenope was my mermaid muse in helping me dive back into it (get it, dive? harhar…okay I'll stop).  I don't know about other artists, but painting faces make me nervous…there's so much stress with using the right lighting, skin tones, and making sure facial features look accurate and natural.  Obviously there are many many different ways to portray the human form from completely realistic to completely abstract, but I'm somewhere in the middle and the middle is where things get fuzzy.

Nonetheless, I loved painting my siren, and there's more to come…female and male.  Mermaid and non-mermaid.  So many ideas brewin. 

Parthenope is also available in the shop here


Skulls +


I've been painting a lot of skulls lately (can you tell?!).  I suppose I've always had a bone obsession ever since my dad (who's a bit of an eccentric) would collect animal skulls, femurs, feet, etc.  He finds the coolest things at flea markets in Oklahoma.  One day I told him of this dream I had involving piranha, and about a week later he surprised me with a piranha skeleton that he picked up at a sale.  So like I said, this bone obsession runs in the family.  Expect some more bone paintings in the future, I have a few more skulls to paint and there's a floral skeleton hand in the works. ;)

 (All images painted by me, Trisha.  The first and last one are watercolor, and the middle one is in oil.  The middle is also available for prints here.)


Watercolors +

Some recent watercolors from the past week! Enjoy :) 


A quick watercolor of some lovely deer I painted last week. <3 I'm planning on making this into a card.  


Happiness is a Sprinkle Doughnut, Part II (first one here) . I love doughnuts so so much. Crazy obsession, in fact. So naturally, I have to paint them! I recently added this one to the shop


This is a custom piece I worked on for a client who plans on getting it made into a tattoo. I really loved working on this piece and I love when client's put faith in you to just do your thing! It's amazing.  

Happy weekend! :)