F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S


Where can I buy your artwork?

-You can buy prints and originals through my etsy shop, society6, or these retailers

What medium do you use?

-I mostly paint with oils and watercolors. My favorite brands are Winsor & Newton and Gamblin. 

What do you paint on?

-For oils I paint on wood or gesso boards. For simple watercolor paintings I paint on cold press acid free 140 lb watercolor paper, and for larger more detailed pieces I use Arches 300 lb cold press.

How long have you been painting?

-I started painting as soon as I could pick up a brush. Art was my favorite subject in school and it always felt like it was part of my identity. Painting feels like an extension of myself. I remember in pre-school my teacher called my mom to tell her she was worried about me because I refused to draw stick figures. My mom later told me that I came home that day complaining because I said “people don’t look like sticks!”, but I hadn’t figured out yet how to draw a human body. I’ve been infatuated with painting and drawing ever since.

Can I get a tattoo of one of your paintings/designs?

-I'm totally fine with anyone getting a tattoo of one of paintings. I do ask that if you post images online to tag me!

What inspires you to paint?

-I’m very much inspired by nature, anatomy, and astronomy. I feel they are very much full of life and full of death, and I find that very intriguing/beautiful.

Can I get a square print made portrait size and vice versa? 

-At the moment I can't change the orientation of my prints. There are some prints listed with different orientations, but usually I can't change any image as it directly affects the main subject matter getting cropped out. 

What are charity prints?

Prints on Etsy that have "charity" written in the title are artworks that give back 10% of sales to a medical organization in need. Each listing includes which organization will be receiving donations. 

How do you paint your galaxies? WIll you have tutorials?

-It’s hard to describe how I paint. For galaxies I like using angled brushes to softly feather in colors. I do this in multiple layers. 

-I currently don’t do tutorials due to time constraints, but I do post occasional in progress videos on my Instagram.

Did you go to art school? Should I go to art school? 

-I got my BFA at Oklahoma State University, and my time there was invaluable. There’s pros and cons to art school, but overall having the type of atmosphere to learn and create was essential to how I developed techniques and processed ideas. I was very fortunate that my grandfather set aside money for my college fund and I'm forever grateful for the help and encouragement from him, my parents, and the individuals who granted me scholarships. I was incredibly privileged to even have this opportunity and I know that not everyone can have that same experience. 

-I understand with rising costs it's not an easy decision AT ALL, and making money as an artist is HARD. I think if I was in the position of having to pay for school out of pocket and I knew for sure I wanted to be an artist, I'm not sure I would have gone to college for an art degree. Social media wasn't huge when I was in college, but after I finished school I learned so much from other artists online than I did with some of the classes I took (thats not to discredit my professors, most of which were beyond incredible and helped me open my third eye). I don't want to make that decision for anyone as it is totally up to YOU, but I do think whatever your decision you should always continue eduction by attending local art events, reading educational books AND the ones that inspire you, watching youtube tutorials, experimenting, joining an artist community, etc.

-College is about learning and putting yourself in an environment that gives you the opportunity to focus on art/studies. For some this is the setting they need, and for others it's not. There are plenty of artists who never attended school and they are doing FINE, but the the important thing is you have to work HARD regardless if you go to school or not.