Dreamer Mag - For Nature and Folklore

It feels like I only post on Fridays lately, hmm.  I'm so bad at posting regularly, but that will change, I promise!  Ok, I won't promise, but I will try.  Really really hard.  I will.  I have so many fun things to share, but you have to wait.  It's all good.  I've been working in the studio all week and I'm so excited certain things are falling into place.  More on that later.  On a side note, I've been reading this on buzzfeed today and I can't stop laughing.  I'm literally laughing out loud, hard.  Especially at #2.  Hehe.

Anyway, I wanted to post a little bit about this recent interview I did with Dreamer magazine.  Little excerpt about Dreamer from their website: "Dreamer Journal is an artist's sketchbook - filled with ideas, colors, art, childhood, and whimsy."  They're pretty lovely & wonderful and I'm so happy they contacted me to do an interview for their Winter issue. 


My favorite 2 questions:

How has your childhood influenced your art?

My childhood was spent painting and playing outdoors.  I think those two things have forever been embedded in me, and most of my work focuses on many natural things such as animals, the human body, nature, and the universe.  I've felt very connected to the outdoors since a young age.


Can you tell us what your dream exhibition would be like?

My dream exhibition would be to create a dreamy fantasy space within a completely white gallery that people could walk through.  There would be winding narrow hallways filled with dream/ritual art on the walls (including Victorian frames) and flowers + bones would hang from the ceiling.  It would be like walking through an actual dream.  I'm excited just thinking about it.


There's 8 pages of pictures/Q&As, so if you'd like to read the whole thing you can download the mag for $5 here (totally worth it, it's a gorgeous magazine).  There's also a photo diary, travel stories, more artist interviews, and gorgeous children's fashion editorials.  So colorful!  It's lovely.